The most expensive Sports Memorabilia of all times

Sportsmen such as athletes, football players, cricketers, etc. are no less than a celebrity. Not only are famous sportsmen among the most highly paid people in the world, they have a huge fan following. Since their fans are so eager to get in contact with the celebrity, they will accept anything that is somehow connected to these people, even if it is being sold for thousands of dollars! Sports

Memorabilia are souvenirs that are directly connected to a sportsman in most cases. These could be anything from shoes to shirts to sports equipment they used.

These souvenirs come with a high monetary value. If they are signed by the celebrity, they become even more valuable. Sports memorabilia are sold out to the general public, yet they are not accessible to all due to their high price point. Here are some of the most expensive sports memorabilia that people have actually bought in the past!

Hank Aaron’s 755th home run ball

Hank Aaron has hit the second most home runs. He is the former right fielder of

Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves and Milwaukee Brewers. The ball was in action in 1976. 20 years later, it was sold for $650,000. Aaron was much loved and very successful champion in his time.

Babe Ruth’s Jersey

Babe Ruth had a total of 713 home runs. After retiring in 1925, he sold the jersey he used to wear for a solid 4 and a half million dollars. To be exact, the price was $4,415,658. The jersey was his lucky charm considering that he wore it during the match he won the quickest on his team’s side.
Seventieth home run ball of Mark McGwire

Mark McGwire had been in this field for 16 years successfully. He was commonly known as Big Mac. With a total of 583 home runs, he was showered in love from all his fans. The seventieth home run was extremely special. Not only was the bat sold for 3 million dollars, the ball used in this game was also sold for a separate 3 million dollars!

Soccer Rule Book
Soccer has got to be among the most famous sports worldwide. It is loved and watched by millions of people from all countries. Back in 1858, the Soccer Rule Book was devised. This listed all the rules that must be followed during a soccer game. The only original copy that survived since then was sold for 1.4 million dollars! This has got to be the most expensive book ever sold.

Babe Ruth’s signed ball

As previously mentioned, Babe Ruth was a man loved by thousands of his fans. Anything that Babe Ruth did would cause a wave of excitement. Now imagine a home run by him. People would die to have the ball. Top it all off with his signature on the ball. The world almost went crazy. The 1933 All-Star Game home run ball was signed by Babe Ruth and sold for $805,00!

Are you crazy enough to spend so much money on sports memorabilia? Well, some people definitely are!