Must-have arts and crafts tools

Arts, crafts, and DIYs have got to be some sort of therapy. If you’re getting into projects like these too, don’t forget to get hold of the must-have crafting supplies. Here is a guide to help you gather your beginners’ art toolkit!

Scissors and paper trimmers

There won’t be a single project that wouldn’t require scissors. One thing or another always needs trimming. Make sure you invest in sharp, stainless steel scissors. Try and get hold of multiple sizes too, for example, a big one as well as a tiny one. Most art projects require paper too. If you have a paper trimmer, you can easily cut straight edges. You can find both these items in any stationary shop for just a few bucks!

Washi tape

Cute washi tape can amp up the simplest projects too. Whenever you feel uninspired, grab your bag of washi tapes and pull out any random one. It can be used to hide uneven edges, frame a simple picture, and what not! Just get lots of washi tape and use your collection to create something out of nothing! The best part is that washi tape is very affordable.


DIY projects can get a bit techy. You will need to bend wires, open jump rings, trim jewelry wire, etc. Pliers will come in very handy. These are one of those tools that seem like you’ll never need them but once you get them, they prove useful in every project! If you’re into jewelry making, pliers are a must-have.

Hot glue gun

Name one DIY project where you wouldn’t need glue. We’re pretty sure you have nothing in mind. While adhesive glue is useful, it isn’t the strongest binding agent. A hot glue gun is a one-time investment that will help you in pretty much all projects. Not only will it serve as a strong glue, it can also be used on its own for creative DIYs.

Writing utensils

Colored pencils, markers, crayons, pens, and all other sorts of colorful writing utensils are a must have, of course. These have got to be the most fun to collect and arrange. Other than the basic sharpies, crayons, and colored pencils, also add unique stuff to your collection. These include chalk markers, metallic pens, etc.


Messed up a project? Fix it with glitter. Use the sparkle and shine to make projects more attractive. Although it is messy, the final results are worth it.
X-Acto knife
X-Acto knife or a craft knife is like a pointed cutter. It proves useful if you want to cut precisely. Craft knives work perfectly for delicate works. They can be used to cut a paper from the center or in jewelry crafts as well.


Paint brushes of all sizes are a need. One set of good brushes will last you a long time. The same brushes can be used for all sorts of paints which makes brushes a multi-tasking investment.
With these 8 items, you are prepared to head out on the art venture!