Joys of Home Cooking

It’s easy for everyone to say that cooking at home is fun. Everyone recommends you to consume home-made food for a healthy lifestyle. But have these people ever had to clean the mess cooking makes? Tens of dirty dishes, the heat, handling of sharp knives and what not! And yet, we are here saying the same thing to you. Cook at home for a better lifestyle. However, we’re not just saying it, we’re also bringing you advice on how to make it fun.

Buy a recipe book

Recipes that you find online or on TV look delicious. However, they usually have a long preparation time with a long list of ingredients. Buy recipe books such as a 5-minute meals recipe book, meals to make with 3 ingredients, etc. Also, make sure that the recipe book you buy has pictures of the final meal. The fun in this is that the picture will up your temptation and the short prep time and minimal ingredients will give you motivation. You can also refer to recipes for beginners in order to make thing super simple for you.

Dinner set up

The inner hostess or host in you will awaken when you start setting the table up. If you live with someone, it just becomes much more fun. Buy cute crockery, themed plates, rustic trays, etc. These will make you want to serve something special. You can set the table up with decoration items, beautiful crockery, and make it just perfect with your home-made food. To make things more fun, you can come up with themes. For example, you can reserve Fridays for guilty pleasures such as a cheeseburger. On Tuesdays, you can go healthy. This will also prevent you from the dilemma of what to cook every day.


The best thing about cooking food at home is the fact that you can spice things up or make it as mild as you want. Add your favorite ingredients and get rid of whatever you don’t like. If you’re living with someone who has varying food choices, you can go for a food bar kind of theme. Set up the table with multiple basic foods. For example, at breakfast time, you can put all the cereals out with different fruits cut into different bowls. Make pancakes but also serve yogurt. This will give variety and the luxury of customizing your own meal.


Lastly, but most importantly, put in the hard work in presenting your food. The prettier it looks, the lesser you’ll miss restaurants. You’ll get the goodness of taste as well as the beautiful presentation. Why would there be a need for the craving for restaurant food? Best of all, seeing a beautiful plate of delicious food will bring back all your energy while making those who live with you love you even more!

Don’t forget to take a picture of your setup and food. Any time you feel lazy to clean the kitchen after cooking, go through your gallery. Feel proud and energetic all over again!