How to impress everyone without any magic spells

Introvert or extrovert, every human on this planet has some degree of a people-pleaser inside them. No matter what the situation is, there is always at least one person you would want to impress. Whether it is your teacher during a presentation, your boss during a meeting or a friend in a party, impressing people is somewhat of an art and only a few can do it correctly. But, you have got nothing to worry about. We are here to share some expert magic spells that will definitely turn some heads over every time you walk by!

Dress up

Your first impression starts right from your outer cover. As much as we’re told not to judge people based on their looks, unfortunately, that is how we get our first impressions. Believe it or not, hundreds of opportunities are lost if you fail to make a long lasting first impression. Dressing up doesn’t mean you have to follow the latest trends and spend hundreds of dollars every week. It only means that you need to identify your body shape. Then research to find which type of clothes suit your style the best. Figure out which colors look the best on you and which are a definite no. Once you’re done with this step, consider yourself halfway there!


Accessories are a huge part of any outfit. Whether casual or formal, you must never forget to wear appropriate accessories. A watch is one of the essential things. You can select a few necklaces that speak to you. Earrings are another small addition. Sunglasses, hair accessories, etc. are all up to your choice. The only thing you need to research here is that whether golden jewelry suits you better or silver. You can also opt for fashion jewelry but only for casual occasions.

Groom yourself

There a number of other things over clothes and jewelry that you can use to improve your look even more. One of these is hair. Spend time on your hair. Take care of it. Keep it healthy. These everyday routines will make sure you don’t have to spend a lot of time taming it every morning. Get your hair regularly trimmed to steer clear of split ends. Other than hair, you have makeup. You can simply search online for the best makeup tips for your skin type, face shape, eye shape, etc. Implement them and you’re good to go.

Walk confidently

Your confidence is most visible by your walk. It isn’t something we consciously notice but the way a person walks helps us create a mental image of the person. If you want others to paint a confident picture of you, perfect your walk. Put on some comfortable shoes (these can be heels too), straighten your back, chin up, and walk like you own the place!

It may seem like impressing someone is a hard task but this is all it takes. You can bag discount deals on clothes, jewelry, shoes as well as makeup to make the process pocket-friendly!