Good Uses for Drones


Drones are also known as unmanned air vehicles (UAVs). Drones are available in a lot of shapes and sizes. They are mostly being used for fun, flying it as a hobby and even in making aerial videos by common civilians. By time, they have started being used for carrying and transporting stuff as well. Now, they are being used as security purposes as well to provide surveillance. But this is not all. The amount of applications of drones is massive.

Uses of Drones

Drones are being used in various sectors. And more of its uses are being discovered weekly and monthly. It is being in sectors like search and rescue, event coverages, site surveying and its imaging, farming, environmental engineering and parcel deliveries

Search and Rescue

Drones are being used in the departments of fire brigades, lifeguards and even mountain rescuing. Drones are used to reach the areas which are difficult to reach or are very dangerous to reach and survey the area and judging the situation in that area.

Event Coverage

Drones are also used in film making for shooting at various aerial angles. They are great way of recording of events like weddings or any other family fun occasions. Moreover, drones are being utilized in professional film making as cameras with up to 4k recording capability are being installed in drones.

Site Surveying

Site surveying is being done using drones as well. They help in examining a building or a structure closely especially when it’s really tall. There’s no need left for the labourers to climb to dangerous heights to get the job done. It also helps in creating 3d models of a building. The drones fly at a given route taking images of the structure from all the angles to create a 3D model.


For some years now, drones have become a part of agricultural systems as well. They are used in looking over the crops as well as livestock. They can detect problems in the crops like pests attacks, diseases, weeds or any deficiencies. Its helps in monitoring the livestock.

Environment Monitoring

Many aspects and features of environment can be detected and measured using drones. Drones are being used in detecting weather patterns. With their help, arrival of dangerous weather events can be predicted almost an hour earlier than before. Modelling of different environments and landscapes. Likewise, it is also used in recognizing identities of objects and species and recording their count.

Parcel Deliveries

Parcel delivery is becoming the most popular use of drones. Many pizzerias have started delivering pizzas using drones in the areas. Recently, Amazon has also started Prime Air Delivery Project to deliver products of reasonable weights and sizes to home using drones. Walmart has also started deliveries using drones to compete with Amazon. Drones after reaching the drop off point, deploy the parcel which has a parachute attached to it, landing it safely.